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Testing: Software Development Catalyst

Testing is not an isolated activity. It interacts with and influences other disciplines in software development such as design, coding, release management, and deployment. As testers, our skills and experiences add value far beyond the immediate context of verifying functionality. Threats to value other than software errors exist.

Yet our discussions are often constrained to the testing space, omitting the connections to, and dependencies on, other roles and activities. Testing is an integral discipline of software development, and often plays an active and important role in bridging gaps between technical and business-focused roles, between leaders and engineers, and between makers and users.

How does the testing piece fit into the software development puzzle? How does – and how should – testing interact with other disciplines in software development? How can we most effectively add value to the software development projects we participate in?

Please join us for our 11th annual conference at the Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre campus in downtown Vancouver, Canada, August 8-10 2016.


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Vivien Ibironke Ibiyemi

House of Test AB
Senior Development engineer
Lund, Sweden
My name is Vivien. Some folks call me by my native name: Ronke but I also like to describe myself as a terrific tester! I have coined this from my terrific love for testing and the aggressiveness with which I approach my test task. However I take the definition of terrific that is defined as “awesome” in description of my personality as a tester and that part of being terrifying (fear and awe) towards bugs and anything that degrades the quality of the product. I have a background in Electrical Electronics Engineering. My experience as a tester has been in the mobile industry (Ericsson Mobile Platform) and Medical technology (BaxterHealth Care, Gambro AB). I have also studied MBA and MSc. in Electrical Engineering. The blend of MBA with testing profession empowers me with the possibility to leverage my testing skills with some level of business mindedness. I’m quite excited about testing and for me, testing has been more than a profession, it’s been a way of life!